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Small Business and Human Resource Consulting

If you’re a startup or small-to-medium-sized business, creating the ideal executive team may be a challenge. From a financial standpoint, having a whole team of full-time executives may not be reasonable for your bottom line. The trend among startups and small businesses in this quandary is to add a fractional executive to your team who can offer strategy, hands-on service, and plan for a specific function of your company in a more cost-effective, efficient manner.  

​Every week I meet business owners who are on the brink of overload as they handle the administrative and marketing aspects of running and growing their business.  They are drowning in employee issues or behind on annual reviews or are unable to move to a paperless operation. They are not well versed in employment law, benefits administration, payroll, or client billing.  They are behind on client billing and frustrated when there is little time left at the end of the week to grow the business. This is our typical client when they begin to work with us.  We are experienced in how to streamline operations using today's technology and our professional operations management experience.

Whatever changes you’re hoping to make or goals you’re trying to achieve in launching a new business and organizing your current one, we can provide you with hands-on assistance and professional guidance to streamline operations quickly so you can find more time in your day.  For long-term projects or short-term issues, we customize our services to keep moving forward and stay on track.